Policies and Procedures

B0204p Fee Refund Procedure

Student refunds will be made in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code, TCS 10.08 and/or College policy and procedures.

The refund for all courses, regardless of length is:
  • 100% if the district cancels the course.
  • 100% of refundable fees if the student drops the class before the first-class meeting.
The refund for all courses is based on the number of class meetings since the first instructional day of the term:
  • 80% if less than 11% of total class meetings have met.
  • 60% if 11-20% of total class meetings have met.
  • No refund after more than 20% of total class meetings have met.
Districts may adopt policies and procedures that allow for refunds in excess of the above standards (limited to 100%) for drops that result from extenuating circumstances resulting from unforeseen student hardship. Such refunds are at each district's discretion.

The refund for Active Duty Service shall be 100% of student fees if a student meets the criteria established under s. 38.12 (13).

Districts may establish a charge to defray costs of processing refunds. Such charges may be deducted from the refund otherwise due but should not exceed the refund amount. Each district shall adopt a procedure for students to appeal refund decisions.

Adopted September 17, 2020