Policies and Procedures

B0109 Post-Issuance Compliance for Tax-Exempt and Tax-Advantaged Obligations

Western Technical College District monitors post-issuance compliance of tax-exempt obligations or tax‑advantaged obligations issued by the College with applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and Treasury regulations promulgated thereunder.

The College documents practices and describes various procedures and systems designed to identify on a timely basis facts relevant to demonstrating compliance with the requirements that must be satisfied subsequent to the issuance of obligations in order that the interest on such obligations continue to be eligible to be excluded from gross income for federal income tax purposes or that the obligations continue to receive tax‑advantaged treatment.  The federal tax law requirements applicable to each particular issue of obligations will be detailed in the arbitrage or tax certificate prepared by bond counsel and signed by officials of the College and the post‑closing compliance checklist provided by bond counsel with respect to that issue.  This policy establishes a permanent, ongoing structure of practices and procedures that will facilitate compliance with the requirements for individual borrowings.

The policy will require on-going monitoring and consultation with bond counsel and the College's accountants.

Reviewed December 18, 2018
Adopted December 18, 2012