Policies and Procedures

B0105 Audits

The books and accounts of the District shall be audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm in conformance with government auditing standards and legal requirements. Such auditors shall be selected by the Board.

The performance of this audit (e.g., minimum audit contract, scope, format, access to working papers, etc.) shall be in conformance with the standards set forth in the Financial and Administrative Manual.

The auditors shall present the audit report to the Board for examination and appropriate action by the Board.

The Board and the Budget and Facilities Committee will operate in applicable practices similar to those identified in the publication, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Implications for Nonprofit Organizations.

Revised May 20, 2014
November 16, 2004
Reviewed December 15, 1992
Revised July 10, 1989
Revised May 19, 1981
Adopted November 28, 1979
Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter 7(7.08)