Policies and Procedures

A0203p President Evaluation Procedure

The following describes the process and timeline for the President Evaluation:


Activity Timeline Responsible
Review/Update Evaluation Criteria May Human Resources, Board Chair
Develop Individual goals to be included for the next review period June President, Board Chair
Provide Final Evaluation tool to Board and President July 1 Human Resources
President to complete status report of his/her individual goals. To be shared with Board prior to evaluation going out or simultaneously. February 28 President
Distribute President evaluation tool to Board for their completion and President for his/her self-assessment. March 1 Human Resources
Compile results and summary document to share with Board and President. March 31 Human Resources
Review and discussion of results April Board Meeting (Closed Session) Board, Human Resources
Meeting with President May Board Chair, President
Summary Materials to be filed in HR June Human Resources

Adopted November 21, 2017

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