Policies and Procedures

A0202 Code of Ethics for the College President

As is required of all Western employees, the College President will conduct his or her actions in accordance with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards, (See Policy C0206 Code of Ethics for Employees). Western’s community value and reputation for integrity are important organizational qualities, and all employees, led by the President play an essential role in maintaining this high standard. In doing so the President shall abide by all laws and regulations including Wisconsin’s Code of Ethics for Public Officials and Employees, Subchapter III, Chapter 19, Wisconsin Statutes.

The President is also expected to reflect and act within the values of the organization in all decision making, and to model the practices of the College.

​Revised January 16, 2018
Revised October 20, 2004
Reviewed April 19, 1994
Reviewed December 15, 1992
Revised June 21, 1988
Adopted February 24, 1981
Wisconsin Statute 946.13