Policies and Procedures

A0200 Delegation of Authority

‚ÄčThe Western District Board employs a president who shall serve as the chief executive officer of the College. The board delegates to the president the administrative responsibilities of carrying out the details of educational programs and services, student support services, business operations and finance, personnel, college and community relations, and all other operational functions of the College.

The president, at his/her discretion, may delegate to other College personnel the exercise of any powers and the discharge of any duties imposed upon him/her by the board. The delegation of the power or duty, however, does not relieve the president of responsibility for the action taken under such delegation.

‚ÄčRevised April 19, 2016
Revised October 20, 2004
Reviewed December 15, 1992
Revised June 21, 1988
Adopted November 28, 1979
Wisconsin Statute 38.12(3)(a)(b)