Policies and Procedures

A0126p ​Board New Directions

The following procedure provides guidance in the planning, facilitation and coordination of New Directions events and activities

  1. The New Directions programs will be planned and facilitated, in cooperation with the Business and Industry Services department, by the New Directions Committee. The New Directions Committee will be chaired by a member of the District Board, and will include the Director of the Foundation and the Director of Business and Industry Services. Other members may be added to the committee.
  2. Two major types of New Directions Events will be planned. Large format programs, intended for a diverse audience including internal and external stakeholders will be held two to three times per academic year. Smaller format events, which are intended for an internal audience that might include close College partners, will be held periodically throughout the academic year as deemed necessary by the District Board, College President, or New Directions committee

Reviewed March 2017

​Reference Policy: A0126 ​Board New Directions