Policies and Procedures

A0125 Board Procurement Policy

The District Board procurement policy incorporates all pertinent federal and state procurement requirements, including Wisconsin Statute Chapter 38, TCS (Wisconsin Technical College System) Chapter 6, and including Wisconsin Technical College System procurement requirements.

The Board will review and approve all proposed capital expenditures greater than $25,000 during and after the annual budget process. Any previously approved capital expenditures that exceed the approved amount by 10% will be returned to the Board for further review and/or approval.

The District Chairperson and Secretary are authorized and shall sign public construction contracts as defined by Wisconsin Statute Chapter 62.15.

The Vice President of Finance and Operations/Chief Financial Officer shall prepare a quarterly report of capital expenditures and, along with the President, certify that the expenditures were made in accordance with Wisconsin Statute Chapter 38 and Wisconsin Technical College System Chapter 6. The Board will review and approve this report.

​Revised January 16, 2018
Adopted May 20, 2014