Policies and Procedures

A0119P Policy Development, Review, Revision, Suspension, and Termination

Proposals for new policies or revisions to existing policies may be initiated in writing by Board members, residents of the District, or any employee of the College. Existing policies may be brought for review/revision/termination by the President or designee.

  1. Policies are presented to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) for review and preliminary approval by the President's designee. Author(s) of the policy may be asked to present the policy to SLT.
    1. If preliminary approval is given by the SLT, the policy will be taken to the District Board Policy Committee by the President's designee for review and approval.
    2. If preliminary approval is denied by the SLT, the policy will be returned to the author with an explanation of the decision and request for additional information.
  2. When policy approval is granted by the District Board Committee, the President's designee will send the policy to the executive assistant to the president who will prepare it for inclusion in the Board packet.
  3. New policies, revisions, reviews, and terminations shall not be adopted until approved at two Board meetings. 
    1. Policy may be approved with one reading when adoptions and/or revisions are mandated at the state or federal level.
    2. The District Board allows the president or designee the ability to temporarily suspend policy to meet emergency conditions or special events which will take place before formal Board action can occur.
  4. Some procedures are attached to College policy and also require revision/review termination.
    1. Procedures in category "A" require Board approval.
    2. Procedures in categories "B-G" require only SLT approval
    3. Procedures may be attached to Board policies to provide context to the policy submitted to the District Board for approval
  5. The Board shall periodically review policies.  The President or designee is responsible for bringing policies to the District Board Policy Committee that are in need of review.
  6. Communication of new, revised, suspended or discontinued policy will be made through one or more college-wide communication tools.
  7. All policies will be maintained on the College's public website.

​Revised March 19,2019
Revised November 17, 2015
Revised September 15, 2015