Policies and Procedures

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Policy Development

Proposals for new, revised, or suspended policies may be initiated in writing by any Board member, any resident of the District, or by any employee of the College. The Board may authorize the President to draft language for consideration.

The formulation and adoption of written policies shall constitute the basic method by which the Board shall exercise its leadership in the operation of the College.

The Board is sensitive to staff input regarding the development of College policies. The Board may seek, through the President, appropriate input from College staff. The College staff may request consideration of policy revisions, deletions, or additions through the Senior Leadership Team and/or appropriate administrative channels.

Policy Adoption

Policy that is introduced and recommended shall not be adopted until acted upon in two consecutive regular meetings of the Board with the exception of policy adoptions and/or revisions mandated at the state or federal level. Temporary approval may be granted by the Board in lieu of formal policy to meet emergency conditions or special events which will take place before formal action can be taken.

Policy Review

The Board shall periodically review its policies. The President is responsible for bringing to the Board policies that are in need of review and areas for consideration of new policy adoption.

Suspension of Policies

Use or implementation of any section or sections of Board policies not established by law or contract may be temporarily suspended by the majority of the Board members present at a regular or special meeting.

Discontinuance of Policies

Upon the recommendation of any Board member, any resident of the District, or any employee of the College, a policy may be considered for discontinuance. A similar process to policy development and adoption will be followed.

Suspended and discontinued policies are archived on the College's intranet (WIRE).

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Adopted September 26, 1979