Policies and Procedures

A0118 Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) Districts

‚ÄčIn accordance with Wisconsin Statutes 66.46, the Western Technical College District will be represented on the joint review boards for each TIF district where it has the authority to levy taxes on the property. Under most circumstances that college representative will be a member of the District Board. Occasionally, due to schedule conflicts, it is difficult to determine a district board representative. In those cases, the board chairperson, in consultation with the College President, will appoint an administrator to serve as the College's representative on a joint review board. This board member or administrator has the authority to represent and act on behalf of the District at TIF district meetings.


Appropriate administrative staff to serve on TIF joint review boards include the vice presidents and the College controller.

The District's position is to support TIF districts. If, however, there are some extenuating circumstances related to the creation of a TIF district, the College representative should bring back the information for discussion and the establishment of a formal board position on the particular TIF district in question.

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