Policies and Procedures

A0117 Release of Public Records and Property

​Designation of Public Records

The control of the records and property of the District is one of the fundamental duties of the District Board of Directors. In the exercise of this responsibility, the Board authorizes and directs the establishment of the following policy to provide the greatest possible access to information regarding the affairs of government and the official records of the College concerning its operation, including the official actions of the Board, its officers and its employees. The Board hereby affirms the public policy that all of its records as defined in Wisconsin Statute 19.32(2) are public records subject to release, inspection and reproduction, except as otherwise provided for by the law.

Designation of the Official, Legal Custodian

The Board designates the President as legal custodian of the records. The President shall designate an officer of the College to serve as legal custodian in the absence of the President.

The Board further directs that the President may delegate specific implementation responsibility to appropriate administrative personnel as identified in the "official notice."

It shall be the responsibility of the legal custodian to execute all duties and responsibilities of this Board, pursuant to the Wisconsin Public Records and Property Law. The legal custodian shall be solely responsible for the release of public records of the District, the conditions under which records may be inspected, and the collection of fees for the location and reproduction of records.

Powers of the Legal Custodian

All requests for the inspection, release and/or reproduction of the public records of the College shall be directed or referred to the legal custodian or his/her designee. The legal custodian is hereby vested with the full legal power to make decisions concerning the inspection, release or reproduction of records as permitted under the Wisconsin Public Records and Property Law.

Any cost or fees, but not penalties, incurred by the official legal custodian in the conduct and implementation of this policy, shall be indemnified by the Board and will not be treated as a personal liability of the custodian.

Procedure for the Inspection, Release or Reproduction of Records and Property of the District

The official notice attached to this policy, and hereby incorporated by reference, is adopted and constitutes the official position of the Board regarding the inspection, release and reproduction of records and property of the College, and the fees that may be charged for location and reproduction of such records and property.

The Board directs that, in accordance with law, this notice be prominently displayed in an appropriate location on the premises constituting the College's offices, including the office of the College's extended campuses, and made available upon request, as soon as practicable, to any member of the public.

It is further directed that all employees of the College be informed of the requirements of the Wisconsin Public Records and Property Law and the provisions of this policy.

Preservation of Records

All records of the College shall be preserved in accordance with provisions of appropriate Wisconsin Statutes.

Reviewed March 20, 2018
Reviewed June 15, 2004
Reviewed April 18, 1997
Reviewed November 17, 1992
Revised April 21, 1992
Revised April 12, 1988
Adopted November 23, 1982
Wisconsin Statutes 19.31-19.39

​Reference Procedure: A0117p Official Notice