Policies and Procedures

A0115 Board Meeting Preparation

‚ÄčThe agenda and supporting materials, including a listing of bills to be acted upon and minutes of the previous meeting or meetings, shall be distributed to the Board members as soon as available, prior to the scheduled board meeting. Adequate data and backup information should be provided to the Board to assist the Board in reaching sound and objective decisions consistent with established goals.

The Board members shall be expected to read the information provided to them, and to contact the President to request additional information that may be deemed necessary to assist them in their decision-making responsibilities.

Occasionally, items that require Board action are identified less than one week prior to the meeting. Whenever possible, these items should be held over until the following month's meeting. When immediate action is required, items will be considered At-Table provided that notice of these agenda items are posted at all Western locations, and notice is sent to the College's official media, the La Crosse Tribune. No items will be considered with less than a 24-hour notice prior to the Board meeting, except for emergency items, which can be addressed with a two-hour notice.

‚ÄčRevised December 20, 2016
Revised February 8, 2005
Revised June 15, 2004
Revised April 20, 1999
Reviewed November 17, 1992
Revised April 12, 1988
Adopted September 26, 1979