Policies and Procedures

A0114p Procedures for District Board Meetings


The Board shall comply with the open meeting regulation as defined in Wisconsin Statutes 19.4.


Robert's Rules of order govern procedures for all district board meetings.


The President shall prepare the agenda for each Board meeting in consultation with the Board chairperson. Items of business may be suggested by Board members, administration, faculty and staff, and patrons of the District for inclusion on the agenda. Business items suggested by the administration, faculty and staff, and patrons of the College shall be submitted, in writing, and received in the Office of the President at least seven (7) days before the meeting in order to ensure inclusion on the written agenda.


A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A two-thirds vote of the full Board (six of the nine members) is required for action on financial matters.


The chairperson shall call the meeting to order upon the appearance of a quorum. The chairperson will strive to structure the meeting so it is formal enough for orderly procedures but informal enough to be natural and to encourage free discussion and to promote group thinking and action. The order of business shall generally be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Compliance with Open Meeting Law
  3. Public Comment
  4. Consent Agenda
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Resolutions
  7. Introduction of New Employees
  8. President's Report
  9. Board Chair Report
  10. College Priorities
  11. Action Items
  12. Adjourn


Public comment on any agenda item may be presented at the time the item is considered by the Board. No person may speak more than once to an issue or for a period of longer than five (5) minutes, except upon the consent of the majority of the Board. No more than three (3) people may be heard to one side of an issue, except upon the consent of the majority of the Board. Members of the public are required to sign-in and include subject of comment. Secretary will be responsible for monitoring time of public comment.


A portion of each regular Board meeting agenda shall be designated as the Consent Agenda. All items within a category of the Consent Agenda may be acted upon with one motion unless a Board member requests separate action on any individual item(s) within a given category.


All actions of the Board shall be taken only at Board meetings called, scheduled and conducted according to policy and Wisconsin Statutes.

​Adopted January 16, 2018

Reference Policy: A0114 District Board Meetings