Policies and Procedures

A0112 Removal from Office

​Members of the Board of the Western Technical College District may be removed by the Appointment Committee of the District, or the Judicial Circuit Court I, for just cause. Proof of unresolved conflict of interest shall constitute a valid reason for termination.

If a board member fails to attend a minimum of 75 percent of all regular monthly and special board meetings (special Board meetings are those meetings of the whole board at which action may legally be taken, or will subsequently result in action being legally taken), during the fiscal year starting July 1, the chairperson of the board, or designee, shall notify the board member of the absentee problem and discuss the reasons for the absences. After considering the reasons for the absences and/or any other mitigating circumstances, the chairperson of the board, or designee may drop the matter, issue a written warning that any further absences may result in further action, or may notify the chairperson of the appointment committee and ask for consideration of removal of the board member from office.

Revised February 28, 2017
Reviewed June 15, 2004
Reviewed November 17, 1992
Revised April 12, 1988
Adopted September 26, 1979