Policies and Procedures

A0110p(b) Procedures Specific to Budgeting for Travel for Board Member Development Opportunities

‚ÄčThe Board recognizes that it is important and necessary for the welfare and governance of the College that all Board members engage in educational and professional development opportunities beyond the local and state level as well as serving as advocates for the Wisconsin Technical Colleges. It further acknowledges that the need for board member professional development and advocacy must be balanced by fiscal responsibility.

All board members are encouraged to attend Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association meetings and events.  For out-of-state board development opportunities, participation will be determined as follows:

  • The board chair will confer with each board member to determine his or her interest in attending one or more of the scheduled board development conferences or meetings.
  • Each year, the board will set a budget for board member development. Determining factors for Board member participation may include: availability and willingness to attend and previous travel and professional development opportunities attended.
  • Ordinarily, no more than two board members should attend any one professional development meeting.  There may be exceptions which must be approved by the Board Chair.
  • All Board members representing the College outside Wisconsin must obtain prior approval of the Board and if a Board member, with support of the Board, decides to run for any national or regional office, a special board budget will be developed to cover this expense outside the standard board budget.
  • After attending a board professional development meeting, members attending will report to the board on how his or her attendance at the meeting benefits the college district.

‚ÄčRevised January 16, 2018
Approved July 8, 2013