Policies and Procedures

A0110p(a) Board Member Development Opportunities Continuing/Annual In-Service Development Opportunities for all Board Members

​The following continuing or annual activities are suggested for each Board Member:

Workshops/Seminars/National Conventions

Attend at least one workshop, seminar, or national convention each year.

State Meetings

Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association Quarterly Meetings – Attend at least one Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association quarterly meetings each school year.

Strategic Planning

Attend all strategic planning (Advance) sessions scheduled by Board Chair and College President during the school year (sessions normally last 4- 6 hours).

Short Presentations at Board Meetings

Short Presentations at regular monthly meetings of the District Board may include:

  • New direction for programs and services
  • Innovative ideas in instruction
  • Innovative courses which involve participation with the community
  • Student involvement in the College and community

Revised January 16, 2018
Revised June 15, 2004
Revised December 16, 2003
Adopted April 18, 1997