Policies and Procedures

A0109P Development Opportunities In-Service/Orientation for new Board Members

‚ÄčThe following activities are suggested for each new Board Member:


A mentor shall be appointed to each new board member.  The mentor will help the new board member gain knowledge in the following areas:

  1. The College
  2. The function and responsibilities of District Board members
  3. Clarification of issues facing the Board/District/State

Workshops/Seminars/National Conventions

New board members are strongly encouraged to attend at least one workshop, seminar, or national convention each year  to gain knowledge in the following areas.

  • The role and responsibility of board members
  • The importance of local, state, and national legislation
  • The mission, vision, values and strategic priorities of Western as it fits into local, state, and national standards
  • Trends in career and technical education
  • Networking
  • Budget planning
  • The role of national community college organizations (ACCT and AACC)
  • The role of the Wisconsin (WACTE) and American Association for Career and Technical Education (AACTE)

State Meetings

Board members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of a number of opportunities at the state level to learn more about the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and State Board governance model by attending WTCS and District Boards Association meetings and events.  

  • Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association quarterly meetings Wisconsin Technical College System Board bi-monthly meetings

State and national webinars and publications are also valuable resources for understanding the role and responsibility of board members.


Attendance at the following Western annual events is recommended.

  • Foundation Scholarship Reception
  • Graduation
  • Retirees' Breakfast Classique
  • GOAL Graduation
  • Staff Picnic
  • Foundation Honoring Excellence Banquet
  • College Day - twice a year
  • In-Service Programs as Scheduled, e.g. professional development, new initiatives, etc.
  • Western-sponsored New Direction events (Policy A0126)

Revised May 16, 2017
Revised May 15, 2007
Revised June 15, 2004
Revised December 16, 2003
Adopted April 18, 1997