Policies and Procedures

A0108 Authorization to Represent the Board

‚ÄčThe College is governed by a local Board of Directors as prescribed in Wisconsin Statutes. No individual Board member may speak for or commit the College to a specific position without prior authorization of the Board.

The Chairperson, or other Board member duly appointed as the delegate, is authorized to speak for or act on behalf of the Board. Under normal circumstances, such actions or positions must be taken only with the prior approval of a Board majority. In rare circumstances, where time constraints will not permit prior consultation with the Board, the Chairperson, or the appointed Board delegate, may speak or act on behalf of the Board unilaterally. Such position or action shall always be subject to ratification by a Board majority.

Membership on the Board shall not infringe on an individual's constitutional right to speak or act. When acting as a private individual, care must be exercised to ensure that Board members do not imply or represent that they are acting on behalf of the Board or in their official capacity.

Reviewed September 15, 2015
Reviewed June 15, 2004
Reviewed November 17, 1992 (grammatical changes)
Revised April 12, 1988
Adopted September 26, 1979