Policies and Procedures

A0106 Oath of Office and Code of Ethics for District Board

‚ÄčAt the first regular meeting attended by a new Board member, the attached Oath of Office will be signed by the new Board member before a notary public.

It shall be the duty of each member of the Board to comply with Wisconsin Statutes with respect to the proper and appropriate conduct of the office. In keeping with the College's goals to develop quality educational programs and services consistent with the College's philosophy and objectives which lead to gainful employment of students, each member of the Board:

  1. Shall perform all mandatory, nondiscretionary and ministerial duties of his/her office within the time and in the manner required by law.
  2. Shall make a personal commitment to the duties of the office, uphold the law and conduct College business with fairness, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and with full regard to the public trust of the office.
  3. Shall never act in excess of his/her lawful authority.
  4. Shall not, by act of commission or omission, in the capacity as an Officer of this College exercise a discretionary power in a manner inconsistent with the duties of a member of this Board or the rights of others, or with the intent to obtain dishonest advantage of him/herself or for another.
  5. Shall not, in the capacity of an Officer of this Board, make an entry in an account or record book or return, certificate, report or statement which, in a material respect, is intentionally falsified.
  6. Shall not, under color of his/her office, intentionally solicit or accept for the performance of any service or duty anything of value, including but not limited to, any gift, loan, favor or service given for the purpose of influencing him/her in the discharge of official duties.
  7. Shall not surrender his/her responsibilities under law to any other person, group or organization.
  8. Shall not use College property, facilities or resources for private or personal gain for self, family or others.
  9. Shall act with high moral and ethical standards in the use of technology in the District.
  10. Shall not use confidential information for personal gain or benefit or that of family or others.
  11. Shall observe pertinent policies of this Board.
  12. Shall act in what is, in the Board member's opinion, conceived to be the best interest of the citizens of the entire District. Similarly, no member shall grant any special consideration, treatment or advantage to any other citizen beyond that which is available to every other citizen.
  13. Shall not participate, either directly or indirectly, in purchases for personal use for less than full value by utilizing discounts allowed to the College.
  14. Shall remove oneself from consideration or voting on any matter before the Board which does, or could, result in personal financial gain for oneself or family except as allowed in Wisconsin Statute 946.13, or as otherwise permitted by law. Each member shall make a concerted effort to be aware of the details and scope of matters pending or brought before the Board so as to abstain from voting where a conflict or an unresolved potential conflict of interest may exist, and stating publicly that the vote to abstain is because of possible conflict of interest.
  15. Shall endeavor to meet all the requirements of state and federal law and regulations pertaining to education, including the regulations of the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.
  16. Shall, in keeping with the legislative and judicial nature of the functions of a Board member, delegate executive responsibilities to the President or his/her designee.
  17. Shall observe the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law and not knowingly participate in closed meetings except as permitted by the Open Meeting Law.
  18. Nothing in this policy shall deny a member of this Board the rights of a citizen under the Constitution of the United States of America, Constitution of the State of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Statutes or any other bona fide regulations of this State.

Reviewed September 15, 2015
Revised October 20, 2004
Reviewed June 15, 2004
Reviewed October 20, 1992
Revised April 12, 1988
Adopted February 24, 1981
Wisconsin Statutes 19.41-19.46 and 946.13  

‚ÄčReference Procedure: A0106p Oath of Office