Policies and Procedures

A0104 Hold Harmless in Performances of Duties

​Western Technical College hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the members of the Board for any liability which they may incur for acts or omissions arising out of the good faith performance of his/her duties as a Board member to the full extent permitted by Wisconsin Statutes, including but not limited to:

  1. Termination of an employee's contract.
  2. Failure to renew an employee's contract.
  3. Failure to hire an employee because of employee's failure to return an offered contract within the time specified.
  4. Litigation sought by students.
  5. Litigation brought by prospective/current/past  employees or applicants.

The foregoing shall be applicable to acts occurring both prior to and subsequent to the date of this policy and the indemnification provided for herein includes reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.

Revised August 18, 2020
Revised November 17, 2015
Revised February 8, 2005
Reviewed June 15, 2004
Reviewed October 20, 1992
Revised April 12, 1988
Revised May 7, 1987
Adopted September 26, 1979
Wisconsin Statutes 893.80 and 895.46