Policies and Procedures

A0100 Mission, Vision, Values and Practices


Western Technical College provides relevant, high quality education, in a collaborative and sustainable environment, that changes the lives of students and grows our communities.


Western Technical College is the college of first choice in our region. 

Western Value Statement

We value the success of our students, and hold ourselves accountable for providing excellence in student learning based on the diverse needs of each student, and built on a foundation of integrity, teamwork and respect.

Value Words and Phrases for Key Messaging

Learning   •    Accountability    •    Integrity   •    Student Success

Excellence    •    Diversity     •    Respect    •    Teamwork                



  • Care of Others -  We serve others with courtesy, kindness, respect and compassion.
  • Attitude -  We are all responsible for creating a positive, essential experience at Western.
  • Professional Appearance -  We represent Western and respect those we serve by modeling proper grooming and appropriate dress, and in taking care of our facilities.
  • Communication -  We talk, listen, and interact with others in a way that is consistent with our values.
  • Commitment -  We rely on one another to consistently and collaboratively achieve our mission every day.

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